Banquet Hall

A beautiful space in keeping with the style from the turn of the 19th to 20th century.

This is a space that is very suitable for private parties. To imitate the atmosphere that filled the building from the beginning, the new wallpapers have an antique design. The crystal chandeliers in the ceiling are genuine Bohemian crystal. The floor is a genuine oak parquet. Even the Amelina Hall and the Gallery have genuine oak parquet floors.

In the Banquet Hall, there is a 60 person table and a well-equipped kitchen. In this room, there is a Malmsjö piano from 1911. Another Malmsjö piano from 1882 is placed in the Gallery. It stood in the Banquet Hall during the fire. Fortunately, it could be lifted by crane through the nonexistent roof (that had been burned down) the day after the fire. The renovation of the wing took a year.