Rates for rental of premises in Cassel applicable as of January 1, 2021

Concert and conference hall (the Auditorium)
Concerts 8300 SEK/time
Congresses, seminars, business meetings, etc. 7.200 SEK/day (time)
Schools in the municipality 2.900 SEK/time 1)
Rehearsals on stage 300 SEK/hour 2)
(at least 2 hours)
Construction of a larger stage 3.000 SEK/time
Construction of orchestra pits 1.500 SEK/time
  • Rates include the local, the stage, two lodges, microphones, listening.
  • Extra chairs are charged 15 SEK/each.
  • Access to the room is available from 5 hours before the start of the concert. Earlier access is charged with 300 SEK/hour.
  • The rent of 32 amp power outlet is 700 SEK, and 63 amp is 1300 SEK.
  • For ticketing and admission at concerts, contact us to make an agreement.

1) For the school classes that place their graduation in Cassels, the rent of Cassels for the Lucia celebrations are included in the price. Though that is under the basis that Cassels is not yet booked the desired day.
2) For Grängesbergs Orchestra Association 200 SEK/hour

Banquet Hall
Meetings, parties, concerts, etc. 1.800 SEK/time
(including kitchen)
Amelinsalen – The Amelin Hall
Meetings, parties, concerts, etc. 1.800:-/time (including technique)
Gallerian – The Gallery
According to agreement
Loger – The lodges
Meetings, sessions 500 SEK/lodge/time
Valet/porterage loading and offloading/mounting/dismantling
According to agreement

The rent includes the respective rooms normal furnishing.