The reconstruction

The house was given full value by insurance and very soon, the board decided in consultation with the insurance company that the house would be rebuilt in its original form as soon as possible. The first phase was a new roof, to protect the walls from rain and its impact. SIAB was engaged, and the roof was on Christmas, 1992.

Meanwhile, there was continued planning of the re-building. The architect for this was Lars-Olof Holmkvist from ABB Architects in Falun.

SIAB was also the general contractor for reconstruction. Work began in early summer 1993 and was completed by August 1, 1994. Cassels was reopened in the same month.

New demands
With the reconstruction came a lot of new demands on the building. Handicap ramps were added to the house, as well as an elevator. Ventilation was of a good standard, and emergency exits were organized.

These measures were not reimbursed by the insurance company, neither was the construction of more toilets and other technical improvements that were made. The ventilation alone went up to a cost of 1.2 million SEK.

Total reconstruction cost was 22.6 million SEK, of which Cassel itself accounted for about 6 million.

Contributions and donations
Cassels did not have its own money in the beginning. Extensive work was started to raise the required funds. Through contributions from the mining company and development company Laven, from the municipality, from the National Board of Housing and collected contributions from individuals, organizations, and companies, Cassels was able to finance the rebuild.

Outside, a brand new roof was put on. The facade was previously plastered and painted with plastic paint. Most of the plaster fell during the fire or afterwards, by the damp and cold, so all exterior walls were blasted clean and replastered with lime mortar. The deinking is then made with lime paint in two colours. All wood, both exterior and interior, was painted with oil paints.