Cassels scholarship

In 2006 Cassels set up a scholarship to be awarded annually. The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage and stimulate young people in music performance or other activities in Cassel. Now, the scholarship amount is 5000 SEK. The scholarship can be split between multiple people.

This year (2019) the scholarship is awarded for the fourteenth time, and a total of 18 young people have so far received scholarships. The award ceremony for the scholarship for 2018 is March 8, on Cassel’s board meeting.


2006 Ida Brännström, soprano

2007 Christopher Lehman, flute

2008 David Timonen, clarinet

2009 Linda Hellstrand, violin, vocals

Sofia Ohlsson, piano, vocals

2010 Anton Björk, cello

2011 Ellinor Brolin, vocals

Natalie Accord, vocals

2012 Lovisa Vikenadler, clarinet

2013 Sebastian Karlsson, French horn

2014 Linn Eldestrand, violin (klassisk)

2015 Linnea Fahgén, viola

Johanna Hellsing, viola

2016 Frida Holmberg, piano

Erika Söderberg, violin

2017 Oscar Danielsson, percussion

2018 Rickard och Linnea Didic, violin